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Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on the open events due to there being mixed groups. If you would like to bring your dog along, you can book our private group challenge – please see our website for prices and email or message us for dates

It will vary depending on the event. Please see the maximum numbers on the booking pages for each activity, and it is likely that these will fill up quickly please book early to avoid disappointment.  There are also minimum numbers on each event that need to be filled before the event is confirmed. 

If you cannot make the dates displayed, please send us a message to discuss other options. We will often run other duplicate events later in the year, or if you have a group we would be able to put something on just for you.

No, each group will be guided by a qualified and experienced mountain leader.

Some of the events are challenging and a high level of fitness is needed.  Please see the route descriptions.  Also take into account the ascent not just the distance  as some of the events look short but could be challenging due to the height gains.

– Boots (one of the most important items on any kit list, comfort is the key to an enjoyable walk. It is also a good idea to wear in any boots/equipment you plan to use beforehand to avoid blisters)

– Waterproof jacket and trousers

– Hat and gloves 

– Rucksack

– Food (plenty of snacks and lunch, as we could be out on the hill for around twelve hours)

– Drinks, ( We will be away from a water supply for most or all of the day so please bring enough water suitable for you and the weather)

– Spare warm clothes

– Personal medication/personal first aid kit

– Sun glasses

– Sun Cream

– Spare food (high energy and enjoyable snacks)

– Torch and spare batteries

Please bring your own food for the challenge, including plenty of snacks and lunch. Below are some helpful ideas on snacks to bring. Drinking and eating well are very important to help you successfully complete the events.

Fruit is a healthy snack and the natural sugars will provide a quick energy boost. Different fruits contain various vitamins and minerals, as well as fibre. Try bananas, apples, berries, orange segments and grapes.

Fruity flapjacks/granola bars. The fruit will give a quick boost of energy due to sugar content, whereas oats are a starchy carbohydrate, which provides longer lasting energy. Oats also contain fibre, which may help you to feel fuller for longer.

Handful of mixed plain nuts, seeds and dried fruit. Nuts and seeds are a good source of protein and fibre and will provide plenty of energy. Add a little dried fruit to give a quick energy boost.

Don’t forget some of your favourite snacks, they will not only give you an energy boost but may lift your mood if needed. However, if chocolate is one snacks of choice, remember it may melt so place them in a separate container or food bag.

Bring snacks you like, don’t just think energy bars and energy gels, although these are good it’s just as important that you like the snacks you have.

We will always start the events early (6:30am for example) to ensure we have enough car parking space. However these times may vary and will be detailed in your joining instructions for each event.  Also please note car parking in some locations will be limited so please always car share if it is possible to.

If you have booked on an event and you are not able to attend we will try to be as flexible as we can, however if you cancel within 2 weeks of the event we may not be able to refund you, or move you to another event.  Please contact us, to discuss if this is the case.

We always aim to start the events early to minimise issues you may have with traffic etc, but if you are going to be late please let us know as soon as you can.  Many of the event start locations will not have mobile coverage, so it is key the leader knows before they lose reception on their way to the start.   Please either use the leaders contact details on your joining instructions or the number on this site.  While leaders will wait if people are delayed this is limited to 15 minutes after the published start time to ensure the rest of the group are able to complete the challenge in good time. Sorry but if you arrive after this and the group have left we will be unable refund you.